Thanks for all the signatures so far. Agnes has been released from prison but we'd still like people to sign the petition. She is under house arrest and faces trial in January, even though the European Court of Human Rights has criticised Hungary's treatment of its midwives.

So please sign! And we will present it to the Hungarian authorities in the New Year.

We the undersigned express our profound concern about the arrest and continuing detention of Agnes Gereb. The criminalisation of midwives who practice outside hospitals is unacceptable in a modern society that respects human rights and the rule of law. We call on you to make our concerns known to the Hungarian authorities. We ask you to use your best efforts to secure her release and an end to the prosecution of Hungarian midwives.


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felicity topping

Duncan Clark

Tom Flannery

Elizabeth Prochaska

Clare Rainsford

Krisztina Miller

Michelle Turner

wendy a walker

Emma Taylor

Helena Glackin

zack breslin

Gavin Radcliffe

Eric Walker
I do not know of another country in Europe which acts in this inhumane manner. Please use your best efforts in this matter. Thank you very much.

vanessa brooks

Inez Schmidt-Rademacher
We had our first baby at home. With our experienced midwife (midwives) and the support team we felt safe all the time and are gratefull for our peacefull and interventionfree birth.

Kristýna Bušková
When I read about Agnes, I had to think of the feminist movement and female medical doctors. I am so grateful we have all the civil rights and rights to education. However, what I do not understand is why most of us just became part of the male professional world without ensuring that all women have such a basic right as to choose how to give birth. Couldn’t female medical doctors do more for women in this respect? Why aren’t there more women like Agnes in medicine? Does someone know what the stance of Hungarian female obstetricians is on this issue?

Barbara Grandi

ivana arena

Karolina Wieczorek

Aleksandra Schabek

Olga Poleszak

Lucia Bagnoli
Nobody should be persecuted for granting women's choice!

Jarosław Jopek

monika murawska


Jolanta Manska

Jen Burnett
Birth is a human rights issue and can not be owned by anyone except the mother.

Laura Harris

Phoebe Topping

Olivia Georgiadis

Holly Lyne
The treatment of Dr Gereb and her colleagues is unacceptable. I emplore the Hungarian authorities to rectify this immediately.


Emily Maw

[Name hidden]

Amina Buhler-Allen
Free Agie! It is every woman's (mother's) choice not a government's choice.

Monika Piekarek

Anna Otffinowska

Elisabeth Geisel
it has been too long!

Tatiana Demishkevich

Barbara Scriver
Unthinkable that the persecution of midwives who practice outside of a hospital continues to this day. Who does this this serve?

Lauren Redman

Dana Flynn

caroline ward
We will not stop campaigning until we see the release and vindication of Agnes Gereb and the legalisation of the attendence of Independant Midwives at home births in Hungary. The Hungarian government, as an EU Country, is breeching the constitutional rights of Agnes and all Hungarian women wishing to give birth outside a hospital. This corruption WILL be exposed, whether or not Agnes is released. The Hungarian Government can no longer afford to hush this matter up. We will not be silenced.

susan ward

Alison J Widdup

Oumou Mariney

Brian Hedrick
Please reconsider your destructive actions towards women's choice.

Michael Tassone
My children were delivered by midwives. Please honor all mothers and all women. Release Agnes Gereb.

elvira flaherty
My blessings and prayers go out to agnes. your freedom will ring soon!

Stacey Kerr MD
Agnes Gereb provides high quality maternity care. Women need MORE of these providers, and low-risk normal births are safe at home IF there is a qualified midwife or physician in attendance. Putting Agnes in jail is a travesty and archaic, mesogynist behavior.

Judith Lee
This is unacceptable in every way. EU members should be trounced out for this type of blatant ignoring of their basic human rights. As supporters of legalized midwifery who had two home births with the high quality assistance of midwives, our family asks for the immediate release of Agnes Gereb and improved conditions for all Hungarian midwives.

Dana Gaskin Wenig

free agnes gereb

Melissa Bevan

Crystal Buhler

Eva Gaskin

Crystal kotnik

[Name hidden]

Colin Wisniewski

András Juhász
I was born in Hungary and cannot believe it is still stuck in the dark ages! Shameful..

Lisa Costello-Mullen

[Name hidden]

Natalya Jackson
Home births are only dangerous when midwives are not allowed to attend and provide support. Birth has been occurring far longer than hospitals have existed. I personally gave birth at home because I was well educated about the benefits of home birth and the dangers of over-intervention in hospitals.

[Name hidden]
How can bringing babies into this world, in an environment where the mother feels comfortable, be a crime? Free this lady NOW!

Catherine Woods

Suzanne Doyle

[Name hidden]

Hütten, Beate

[Name hidden]

[Name hidden]

Erika Szente
I used to be proud of my Hungarian Heritage. Not anymore. This is barbaric. Worse than in the Rakosi era. Shame on a government, that allows this to happen! Hungary has no place in the EU. Maybe in the dark, 3rd World place...

Kim Trainor
Agnes Gereb is a help to women, not a criminal.

Martin Perdoux
Please free Agnes Gereb at once, and acknowledge the data, as the rest of the world has, that support the value of home births in reducing medical complications to the baby and the mother.

[Name hidden]

Mildred Tassone
Stop the prosecution of Hungarian midwives.

Rev. Regina-Sophia Siegel
Please FREE Agnes immediately. Many Blessings and Merry Christmas to you.

Jennifer Gadoua, RN, SNM

Mary Jane Capps
Support Women's Rights. Free Agnes!

Melissa Van Dam
The care of pregnant women should not be overruled by money and power mongering.

Cyndy Winters
As a mother of five, and a registered nurse I support a family's choice to birth their babies in the safe healthy environment of their choosing. There are many studies available to support the logical conclusion of a family that their own home is a safer healthier environment that a hospital full of sick patients and nosocomial infections.

kristen roberts

Claudia Kaiser
As a citizien of the European Community, as a mother, a midwife i ask you urgently to free Agnes Gereb!

Sonia Hancock

Tomas Heikkala
A woman's choice about her birthing circumstances is hers and not the states

lisa forasacco

Elsabe Burger

ML Jolly, midwife
Free Agnes!

Tina Anderson
I am deeply concerned that women and babies are being threatened by this criminalisation of midwives in Hungary. What is the problem with the government to hold this hostility to women making homebirth choices?

Sonia Pressman Fuentes
I wholeheartedly support the immediate release of Dr. Agnes Gereb. I am one of the founders of the American second wave of the women's movement.

charlene terry
I cannot believe that any government feels justified in intruding into a woman's life so completely as to tell her where to give birth. This is a personal family matter.

Melissa Wedge

[Name hidden]

Susan Paulding

Louise Noah Skellings

Caroline yoxall
Free this woman, for pity sake

Leonie Lange

Christina Birdsong
Please read world statistics that show homebirth is safer than hospital birth.

Virginia Boger-Haney

ciaran doherty

Ann Fonfa
Women's rights, women's bodies. Leave us alone, governments!

Cynthia Funk

[Name hidden]

Vicki Chan
What kind of a world do we live in where a woman who serves the people well is persecuted while polluters, swindlers, rapists and murderers go free?

Ros and Jon Mackenzie
Every woman should have the right to home birth supported by a qualified midwife. We had all three of our children at home and consider this to have been the best place for the start of a new life. Midwives in all countries should be supported by health authorities to be present at home births. It is shameful for Hungary that Agnes Gereb is in prison for supporting families in giving their child the best start in life - being at home.

pamela jessee L.M.

[Name hidden]

RL Goldstein
Please do the right thing for women and families!

shelley dodt
Stop prosecution and persecution of Hungarian midwives.

[Name hidden]

Karah Edwards

Steven Aiello
This is truly astonishing. How can a European country get away with something like this?!

Guntermann Nicola

Linda Rawlings

Karen Todd

[Name hidden]

Sara Canade

Butz Evi
I hope this midwife will be as soon as possible free again! What a shame to put this wounderful woman in prison

Michaela Becker

Clair J. Sullivan
Proud mother through safe home birth!

Laura Castellarin

monica garraffa

Arianna Fucarino

[Name hidden]

[Name hidden]

Anna Carruthers
Please show that Hungary thinks of women's rights by changing this law and dropping all charges against Agnes Gereb

Marina Sbisà

Francesca Nobile

natalia marquardt

Law can't kill a natural event!!!!

daniela santi

Michelle Barnett
.. anything I can do to help ...? .. please contact me ..


[Name hidden]

barbara siliquini

helene kremmel-blok

Maurizia Sicchiroli

Luciana Foti



[Name hidden]


tiziana catanzani

Isabella Audisio

carolina monza

Hayley Russell

Chiara Cosentino

[Name hidden]

Claudia Frigeni

[Name hidden]

elisa fucarino

michela capra

Verena Schmid
home birth are evidence based and woman friendly, so they are a human right for women and midwives

[Name hidden]

Adéla Bělohlávková
I believe one day there will be no gap between "doctors" on one side and "midwifes" on the opposite side in any country in the world. Because their goal, to support women to give birth, is the same, isnt´it?

Sommer Tamas
Not living in Hungary, under what law was Agnes Gereb arrested?

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Biedl

honte à ce gouvernement il oublie que ce sont tous les européens qui le regardent et plus encore depuis sa prise de fonction à la présidence de l'Europe . Attention nous serons vigilants.

[Name hidden]
unbelievable in a so-called modern society!

[Name hidden]

Catarina Pardal

Rita Monteiro

Barbel Neumann
Midwives who work in the community should be protected, not destroyed. These ladies accept to assist pregnant mothers under difficult conditions. They should be assisted. Babies are also dying due to hospital infections and the mother should be free to deliver assisted whereever she wants

Kathryn Kelly

Wendy Pagler


emma stewart

Elaine Boden
mum to 3, one born at home with 2 fantastic midwives.

Nina Seez
If there has been progress please update your website. If there hasn't been, then how can we increase publicity in this case?

[Name hidden]

Reannan Keene

Bob Thawley

[Name hidden]

Elizabeth Creamer
Birth with a midwife caring for mother and baby is the best entry into the world a baby can hope to have. Agnes Gereb should be praised in her work, not vilified

Cathy Green

Carrie Green

Julian Gardiner

Joyce Pula

End all prosecutions of midwives worldwide and also in Hungary

Anna Brons-Korteweg
So the inquisition is still going on?

Naama Morag

Phaedra Blair

Kari Kerteston

Mary Steen
Let us not forget that home is the natural place to give birth and at the end of pregnancy woman innately ‘nest’ and prepare for the forthcoming birth of their infant. However, in the twentieth century the shift from home to hospital and the increasing medicalisation of childbirth has influenced how birth is viewed and experienced. As Lord Hunt (2000) stated ‘… if a woman wishes to have a home birth she should receive the appropriate support from the health service. At the end of the day, it must be the woman's choice.’

I support the release of Agnes Gereb and for the introduction of legislation in Hungary which would allow midwives to attend and facilitate home births to meet the human rights and choices of hungarian women.

Eilis Govan
It's difficult to believe this situation is actually happening. My heart goes out to Agnes. If her practice is to be reviewed it should be carried out by her piers. A court of law cant possibly judge her fairly. Please stop this draconian farce, which has been created to instil fear and submission in midwives and women alike.

Melissa Nowell

[Name hidden]
THis is ridiculous. Let her go.

Allison Lee

Elaina Stanford

Amy Tinney
Please free Dr Agnes Gereb. She is such a great support of women's choice. Blessings to her and her family.

Sabrina Seibert

fernanda mesquita de oliveira

Melody Bourne


[Name hidden]
Every woman shuld ahve the right to give birth how ever her cuture or her body ask her too, with information and knowledge.

melina bronfman
she is good fou humans births.

mariana macua
Pido y Respaldo la liberación de Agnes Gereb. He parido cuatro hijos en casa junto a su padre y algún profesional que velara con su mayor experiencia por "normalidad" del proceso. Más siempre consideré su asistencia (una vez confirmada mi buena salud y la de mi hijo por nacer) como un complemento de mi intuición, asumiendoinformadamente la responsabilidad de lo que pudiera ocurrir. También trabajo acompañando nacimientos en Clínicas y en domicilio. Ahora espero mi quinto hijo y de ninguna manera delegaría la responsabilidad de las decisiones pertinentes en profesionales apegados a protocolos caducos o que basan su accionar en su comodidad, apuro, creencias... En Córdoba, Argentina, quienes abogamos por la libertad de elegir responsable y libremente donde y como parir encontramos siempre la misma controversia.

[Name hidden]

elena troyano
Thank you for your work and dedication Agnes

Maria Yael Giles

Cathy Fowler
I was lucky enough to have a home birth for my first child last October with fantastic support from our midwife team. Please ensure that all other women have the right to choose their birth options by not persecuting those who support them to make that choice.

[Name hidden]

Sarah Butland-Clarke

Megan Gray
Mother's choice! Not the governments!!

Carolina de la Plaza

Jill Benjoya Miller

Dr. med Karin Hof
I am a family doctor and both of my children were born at home. The number of good outcomes of the babies Agnes Gereb was taking care of is better than in any hospital worldwide.
Please do all your best to free Agnes Gereb and help her to do her job again.
Thank you, Karin Hof

[Name hidden]

A regulation group is generally a corporation entity formed by anyone or significantly a lot more lawyers to engage inside of of observe of legislation

עורך דין

Irina Wickholm

Sophia Csepreghy

abigail davidson

Aliz Juhasz

Chelsea Tanis

[Name hidden]

katrin Ganter
It's nothing wrong if a woman is giving birth naturally, but everything is wrong if 30- 50 % of all children are taken by cesarians ! You should protect woman and children not the income of hospitals and surgeons.

Amber Oda
Allowing women the choice of where and how to deliver their children is not a crime and should not be a privilege. This is a human rights issue!

Cassondra Klein
The option to birth according to one's wishes should be an option open to every woman, everywhere. I applaud and greatly admire the midwives who risk their licenses and, more importantly, their freedom in order to ensure that women have the opportunity to give birth on their own terms. Please, please. please, give Agnes her freedom!

[Name hidden]

Dr.Elisabeth Knoll

Barbara Martin

[Name hidden]

[Name hidden]
Agnes Gereb should be free! This judgement is protecting the hospital doctor's mistakes in Hungary.

Bianca Cruz Magdalena

Adelita Gonzalez
Please!!! Freedom!!!

[Name hidden]
Запрет на роды дома -это все равно что запретить дома есть, спать, ходить в туалет и заниматься любовью. Это приносит прибыль врачам и нарушает права человека.

Lynne Segal


[Name hidden]

Kathryn Pek

Ligia Moreiras Sena
In all the world, we need people engaged in causes that make the difference to a better life, a better world. We need midwives, woman that dedicated them lives to help other woman to receive their children with respect, love and intimity. The prohibition of the midwife function is to prohibit woman to choice the better form to emancipated themselves. We need midwives. This choice is our. It´s not a choice of the justice.

[Name hidden]

Mehdi Naïli

Robert Ellenhorn

Carmen Freitag
Fight! Nobody needs to tell me how I have to breath, and nobody needs to tell me where I have to give birth.

Yavor Ganchev

Mark Nonkes
Please thoroughly research the work midwives do and homebirths before condemning the practice.

Maria Regina Rocha Ramos

Tatiana R. de A. Maekawa

Carla Rodrigues Perdiz
My support from Brazil. This is a shame.

[Name hidden]

Yordanka Radulova

Marion Birch

Lisa Engqvist, Sweden

Agnieszka Grzesiuk

Diana Winklerova

[Name hidden]

[Name hidden]
What a shame this trial is for Hungary. What a shame in front of the whole world. I hope the president will find strength to end the horrific situation.

Rabea Hertrich

[Name hidden]

Éricka Khalil Pereira

claudia van dijk

Malene Hollmann

barbara cieplik
It seems some people in Hungary follow rules of middle ages.How it is possible?Dr.Agnes Gereb is highly trained professional in Hungary and licensed there.Is this another boy's club ruling.I wonder if the same ruling would be applied to male medical doctor.I pray for you Agnes.My aunt in Poland in 50's went through the same ordeal.And now 60 some years later the same story takes place in Hungary.Women have a choice how they want to deliver the baby.It is not Government to make that choice for them.

Yvonne Lovett

Sarah Bourn

Dr. Julian Saurin
The detention and prosecution of Agnes Gereb is an assault not only on her, but on all women and on scientifically-based public health. Midwifery, as practised by Agnes Gereb, undoubtedly provides by far the most effective, safe, sustainable and inexpensive childbirth. Health for all begins with the kind of sound midwifery practised by Agnes Gereb.

Joseph Herbert

[Name hidden]

Elaine griffin

Justine Lattimer
This case is a shocking breach of human rights and a complete indictment of the Hungarian legal system. As a woman and a lawyer I am appalled.

Joanne Margetts

Jessica Osorio

Carol Hilwyn

Nicola Rabjohns
women deserve to have the care that Agnes Gereb provides - the actions taken by the hungarian courts is a very sad indictment of Hungary as a mature thinking nation. Agnes Gereb has committed no crime other than to provide woman centred care.

Sabina Delfrati


Richard Stephens

Katie Zienko

Caroline Collingridge
I fully support Dr Agnes Gereb. It is a woman's right to choose a home birth and not some patriarchal group of politicians who know very little about gynaecology or obstretrics or even about real human relations.

Cristina Emanuela Palmas

[Name hidden]

Lucy Ellis

Louise Dooks

Katalin Keddie

Major Attila

Zuzana Bartova

Cath Reeve-Jones
Come on midwives, we need a show if unity, this is disgraceful.

brooke martin

[Name hidden]
When I heard about Agnes green I felt I had to support such a compassionate lady.


Jessica Bellairs
This is an outrage, how can we have peace on earth when we are destroying the only event that can bring pure joy and peace!

Simona Koseva

Alexandrina Noncheva

Tessa Dailey

Daphne Rattner
Women have the right to choose where and with whom they give birth!

Bruna Letícia Mainer da Silva

[Name hidden]
every woman is free to choice where, whom, in which conditions give birth

[Name hidden]

Helen Turner
I am a woman, a mother and a midwife. I read about Agnes Gereb during a visit to Budapest a few weeks ago and talked to some local people, men and women about it, they are enraged at the government's treatment of this courageous woman whom they admire and support. Please take the time to understand why we feel so strongly that she should be freed. She has done only good things, nothing wrong. To acknowledge that her imprisonment was an unjust thing will show to people all over the world that you can be wise and fair.

This is a deplorable situation. The lady should be freed at once.

wendy woolfson
please free this amazing woman who has done so much to support women in birthing their babies safely and healthily.

Tanja Wolf
Mother of one. Had a wonderful midwife that was with us all through pregnancy until the end of childbed. We also have a great hospital that cooperates with independent midwives and took over smoothly when the need for medical assistance arose during labour.


Angela Kersten

Dawn Osabwa

[Name hidden]

[Name hidden]
midwives have served people through the entire human history and still do. it's unthinkable that such a profession should be penalized.

[Name hidden]
Stop the medicalization of birth.

Laura Cruz

Louise de Dassel

Kristen Waits

Emma Long

lee magnusson

[Name hidden]

[Name hidden]

Birgit Whitford

Molly Jaeger

Katherine Spencer
My baby was born at home into the loving arms of a midwife.

Devon Buss



vladimir soto

Renate Kostritza

[Name hidden]

Ada Gadomski

[Name hidden]

[Name hidden]
Women having been giving birth since the beginning of time - stop trying to turn it into another money making business!

Myriam Dhondt

[Name hidden]
with much respect & love

Ann-Marie Ryan

Is this truth, In Europe? Let Agnes out and let her do her job with love.

Melanie Schuhmacher

Kristen Sutcliffe

liberty lovett

Tanya Nash
Even on the farm, the kids knew that you never move a cat once she's gone into labour, and you never touch a bird's nest...home birth is physiologically the safest option for most women and thus should be a protected right!

[Name hidden]

Alina Gadomski Todorovic
I gave birth to two of my children in a hospital but my third was born at home. What a wonderful expirience!

Helene Illaire

Martinka Chilimanova

Deborah Zaher

Monika Sieminska

Adriana Baranska

nicky fraser
watching from UK and Australia and just shocked at your treatment of Agnes

Nicola Harrington
Watching from Greece and also shocked at your treatment of Agnes.

[Name hidden]

Kate Davis

[Name hidden]

Eszter Varga


[Name hidden]


Lucy Calhoun

Anthea Ogilvie

kitty zinovieff

Kate Porotto

[Name hidden]

patrizia gaio

Eri Sundarababu

Turi Nagy

Judit von Neuhaus
I am very glad that somebody is doing something about this. I hope you will succeed and maybe even fight back. Doctors, who kill children should be imprisoned, not people who save them.

Kim Murillo

[Name hidden]

Steve Lewin

kris strouven

[Name hidden]

Adi Rothman

Sara Petrocchi

Nadia Raafat
Agnes Gereb is an international heroine and in time will be celebrated as such.

Laura Lazzarin

Pavla DiBenedetto

[Name hidden]

Mary Frances Kiely
It is a crime what the authorities are doing to Agnes..I had 2 homebirths in Ireland. Home Birth is being marginalised by short sighted politicians and the cosy doctor/drugs industry we enable here in the West.

Lynne Dalton

Susanna Farley

Tony Gray

Hilary Cashman
Agnes Gereb is a dedicated and skilled professional who prioritises the health and wellbeing of babies and mothers.

Midwives are at the forefront of civilization, and civilization is judged on how it ttreats it weakest members the very young women and the very old

[Name hidden]

Zoe Mason
Homebirth should be a human right available to all women and babies. Informed choice is paramount to a mother's empowerment over the birth she chooses to have. Women like Agnes should be celebrated, not demonized for the tiny number of terrible complications that can occur in any birth, within the home or hospital environment.

Dr Adriana Candeias
After the release of Dr Michel Odent's "Childbirth in the Era of Plastics" and "Function of the Orgasms" it is unacceptable to force human beings to be born in aseptic, chemically lead hospital wards. It is the future of humanity at risk.

Friederike Kleinknecht

Rachel Arundel

[Name hidden]

Vic Elliott
she has commited no crime, exept to help a woman and her child, let her go

Jenny Schwarz

[Name hidden]

Sarah Webster

gabor szikszai

Tatiana Giraldo

Elsiabeth Teruel

[Name hidden]

[Name hidden]
I had a wonderful legal home birth in the UK with a community midwife, this was my choice as I work in a hospital in NICU and have seen many problems from Mums who labour there.

Nyree Wright

Ellinor Petersen
Homebirth is the choice of the woman, but hindering midwives to assist is putting some women and children at peril. It is a modern-day witch-hunt, and a disgrace on Hungary that Agnes Gereb is not allowed to practice.

Mikaela Wingårdh

Emma Tulloch

[Name hidden]

Heather Glover

Michelly Teixeira

Sophie Bakke Engström

Jane Bennett

Patrícia Patrício

John Butler

Ylva Jalming

Martina Jarosova
The emprizonment of Agnes Gereb is against human rights.

Sara Riera

Charlotte Freyburger

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